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Since my wonderful better half - and also all her sis - were all honored with a slightly-bubbly backside and I hear them regularly complain concerning it, I was a little surprised when our consumers started asking for these Booty Pop underwears that in fact give ladies the look of having a bigger butt. Hey, I'm a guy, so what do I recognize?

Indeed though, Booty Pop is all the rage! Having been featured on The View, Amusement Tonight, The Today Program, Martha Stewart & countless various other TELEVISION programs, there's been a great deal of Hollywood buzz concerning the Booty Pop.

If you haven't heard or seen yet, Booty Pop is a pair of underclothing with pads put that provide your backside a bit of a lift. A further description - a pair of underwears that provide ladies the appearance of having a little extra "Junk-in-the-Trunk" without really needing to carry around the "Ba-Donk-a-Donk.".

The same questions, nonetheless, kept coming up. So, I asked the women on our staff to try them and address several of these questions.

Are they comfortable? Females are definitely ready to go to excellent sizes to accomplish the look they desire. Even put on unpleasant undergarments. Yet the Booty Pop underwears are really comfortable. Mixed with both cotton & spandex, they offer the comfort of being 95% soft cotton & the elasticity of 5% spandex.

Are they resilient? They are machine-washable & will certainly hold up to the Junk Removal Anne arundel county rigors of daily laundry. Just clean on the fragile cycle & lay level to completely dry. No underwear bag or special care is required.

What are the "Pops" constructed from? There are no gels or fluids like some other "enhancing" products. They make use of a straightforward lightweight, foam textile that needs no special care, however has a very natural feeling.

Does it look unnatural? Booty Pops not just look real, yet they feel genuine too. Anybody "evaluating" your booty would certainly not understand you are putting on a booster. They have been tested reside on The Sight by Sherri Guard and also by Kelly Ripa on Live w/ Regis & Kelly.

Are the pads removable? No. The pads are non-removable. Being non-removable forces the pads to remain in perfect placement all of the time.